Mission Action Plan

Every three years we gather as a church family, having consulted our community, and prayerfully seek God’s guidance and will (as far as we’re able). We reflect on all that is happening in our community and the feedback we’ve received from church members and others, and then prioritise our annual mission objectives for the next three years. You can view a full copy of the current Mission Action Plan (MAP) by enquiring at the Church Office. The key areas are:

1. Discipleship
    i) Growing in our own faith and ministry
    ii) Outreach

2. Re-imagining Church - intentionally engaging with our local community, particularly with the missing generations (i.e. under 45s). To serve our current church family whilst at the same time ensuring that all ministry and worship is accessible and relevant.

3. Agents of Social Transformation (serving our community - local, national and global) - build relationships with the communities in Hythe and Butts Ash that we serve through St John’s and St Anne’s.

4. Belonging Together in Christ
    i) Fellowship and pastoral care
    ii) Administration
    iii) Finance
    iv) Buildings and maintenance


You can read our current Mission Action Plan by clicking here.

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